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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 21, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm AST

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and does not go over well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream narratives at this time on al-jazeera short films of hope and inspiration. a series of short stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. at this time. al-jazeera.
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welcome to the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes. the government has had to trigger article one five five of the constitution that was not our wish or intention thousands take to the streets of barcelona after spain's prime minister moves to impose direct rule over catalonia the autonomous region describes the measure of. another attack in the afghan capital just twenty four hours after suicide bombers targeted mosques in kabul. the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson arrives in saudi arabia once again to try to end the blockade against cutter. and america's biggest carmaker hits the brakes of one of its largest five trays. in united and start of the premier league season is over. defeated won by how does feel their first win of united since
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nineteen fifty two. we begin this news with the news that the president of the cattle and regional parliament has accused spanish prime minister mariano rajoy of orchestrating a coup after he announced he would impose direct rule over catalonia but common folk adela says she's committed to defending the catalan parliament's sovereignty and that the central government will face resistance on the streets thousands of pro independence demonstrators have been rallying in barcelona in opposition plan he's also one five five to be triggered that would mean catalonia as leaders including its president are removed and a snap election is called the measures must be approved by spain senate next week. i don't need. the government has had to trigger article one five five of the
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constitution that was not our wish or intention it never was i think that most of spain society knows this article one five five is part of our constitution and it is only invoked in extremely extraordinary circumstances no government in any democratic country can accept that the law is ignored or changed this is done by trying to impose a criteria on someone else let's take you live to barcelona and speak once again to our correspondent there andrea simmons under it feels like things are really ratcheting up in this. they certainly felicity we've seen so many people peacefully demonstrate here in a whole range of ways with singing the national anthem with holding their hands up to demonstrate peacefully. also some expressions of anger some expressions of disappointment some hopes that there could be some sort of last minute compromise
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not everyone here wants to independence by no means a lot of people have come here to demonstrate against the way that the matric government has been acting towards this region and its own civets likes that is a point which has been taken up in a very big way. but then the president called the council. a phone that's on t.v. and describing the whole thing as a coup d'etat like the old boy saying that as far as she was concerned the rights of the people have to. be used that there have been a challenge to democracy there is no way to be accepted now she was referring to the whole. thing is old but then that is not actually the case as far as mario knowing is concerned by cooling and triggering multiple one five five he says that
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he is sacking the government and so that's a situation where he will all the governments will appoint people who are elected in their positions he will put them in place until they can be an election on election would be the key to this whole thing of all of them to not would take place in the decision by the senate the senate basically rubber stamp all of these issues related to what's going on. five five in a meeting in just less than a week's time friday in madrid. it sounds like barring you know something no. one being predicted a top barring that five will be approved by the size just explain ordinary people and actually mean ones one five five is triggered who will be running all the defense departments you know the finest department the police
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department does that all come under national rule. it certainly would be direct monteriano rowing is claiming that it was that this is really not direct because the parliamentarians would still be in place since the government would so really the point there is i can explain that is that the government would impose its own people to be the government and then you would have the elected members and the . oversee that isn't informal government by any means but the point he's making is don't wiping out the fact that he is taking out those who have broken. that's his point on the senate the king the european union whole series of other important bodies hall behind. taking this action it is
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unprecedented and it's never happened before one five five. my house a whole host of implications it's really how it's interpreted how it's. the government is use is using it in a fairy hefty way that other shocked a lot of politicians and people here in catalonia shocked a lot of people throughout spain it has to be said but we don't talking here. everyone is just. this is the outreach seven really be here in boston and we're actually seeing. that being decided go between those who express themselves in a very loud way of those who are those who are so happy with the way things are going with the way the economy might be affected by the by tourism to all points
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that have been taken up by maria. in that the position over independence isn't necessarily a given even though the majority in that referendum which is forty by the way did foton favor what will happen in the elections well that's a very big finance accounting the only. one supporting factor i'm from boston and thanks so much and just to remind you we are of course are awaiting to hear from the catalan president colors crazed more in about an hour's time and of the covering that for us thank you. mean another suicide bombing in the afghan capital the taliban says it targeted a minivan carrying military academy cadets in western kabul killing fifteen soldiers it has been a deadly week for afghanistan at least eighty nine people are now known to have died in two separate mosque attacks on friday jennifer bass has more from kabul.
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extra security guards started work at the mosque last month but they weren't enough to stop friday's attack the bomber entered the mosque before guards started their security searches. mohammad mussa soltani is a regular volunteer who helps clean the mosque he was knocked down by the blast then ran inside he says there was smoke and blood everywhere he helped the wounded and move the dead. they do this to divide as they won't be able mo their foreign hands behind such attacks and they do it for later benefits to their slaves why they come to attack this mosque of course they want to divide us and. i still fighters in afghanistan said they carried out the attack the shia mosque was about half full with three to four hundred worshippers the bomber waited for prayers to begin before he launched his attack first throwing hand grenades over here a curtain area where women and children were praying he then said himself over here
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in the middle of worshipers killing him mom and dozens of others workers have already removed the charred carpet and abandoned possessions they say it will take a month before their clean up is complete and the mosque reopens among the mourners or relatives of eight year old mustafa husseini. the president is the father of this country and through this possibility of the father to bring peace in a country or in the family of the president to. protect us from the afghan president ashraf ghani says this is attack and others across afghanistan are crimes against humanity and contrary to islamic values terrorist groups will never succeed in their sinister goals for divisiveness he says and will soon be suppressed and destroyed by the legitimate struggle of the afghan security and defense forces at least two hundred fifty afghans have been killed in attacks nationwide since tuesday the taliban targeted security forces in the east south southwest and north of the taliban on one hand and the islamic state on the other hand what they're
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trying to portray that they have the ability to inflict damage not just to the afghan national security forces and the afghan government but as well as to the to its international counterparts wherever and whenever they want to on martyr's hill on the outskirts of kabul another victim of the mosque attack an elderly woman is laid to rest dozens have been buried here today as this bureau and another body arrives and the morning goes on jennifer glass al jazeera martyrs hill kabul hundreds of kurdish protestors have demonstrated outside the united nations office in bail the capital of iraq semi autonomous kurdish region they were protesting against the military operation by the iraqi army in areas that are disputed by the kurds and baghdad around one hundred twenty thousand people have been displaced since iraqi forces launched the campaign in kirkuk province troops have already seized control of all the disputed areas in northern iraq including the city of
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kirkuk seventy deca has more from appeal. there is a feeling of tension here in erbil people are not sure how this is going to play out certainly the protesters that took to the streets really rich rating their cause of the feeling that they've been stabbed in the back they've been abandoned by the international community by the united states saying that the pressure of the kurdish forces the kurdish soldiers who fought so hard to push eisel back within the last three years or so that was praised by the world and they now feel that everyone has turned their back on them of course the irony of this is that you have two forces now the iraqi forces that were trained and armed by the united states they fought together just a year ago to push i saw a lot of mosul now they're pointing the guns at each other so certainly a real feeling here of the fandom and also an element of humiliation the fact that the had to retreat from these areas that the iraqi army moved into and the fact
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that they had no international support no one actually came out to say that this is not what would be happening so this is something that people are dealing with right now and again these are uncertain times which is why people in erbil are feeling so uncertain uncertain me just seeing the movements on the streets far less people out and about as you would expect. the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is in saudi arabia as part of a new push to try to end the gulf crisis has been for months in saudi arabia the united arab emirates egypt and bahrain suspended all ties with cata after accusing it of supporting terrorism but citizen says he doesn't and to support a breakthrough earlier this week he blamed the saudi vote for being on willing to find a solution party culhane reports. he's back u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has landed in saudi arabia he was here in july then book signing a memorandum of understanding with carter would be enough to end the blockade it
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didn't despite his shuttle diplomacy so now he's coming back trying a new to. tactic for the four block heating countries saudi arabia u.a.e. egypt and bahrain assigning blame them in an interview saying qatar is willing to negotiate and the saudi led coalition is simply refusing to talk because he tried before he tried to try to be nice with everyone but this took him nowhere and produced no results so i think that's probably. the time has come. analysts say there is a renewed hope they might be more willing to engage now has the president for example try to put pressure on the saudis in the u.a.e. to be willing to to to me to solve some of the sanctions and stop that they put on . the fact that the president has come out now and basically decertified the iran deal is that going to make the saudis more willing to work with us they deal with
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the situation with god or us president initially put all the blame for the crisis on cutter but after being pushed by his secretaries of state and defense he now says it's time for all sides to talk if i can help mediate between cutter and in particular the u.a.e. and saudi arabia i would be willing to do so and i think you'd have a deal worked out very quickly his own secretary of state is publicly disagreeing taking the trip well downplaying expectations crisis will end soon but he does during this trip could very well determine if that is true. al-jazeera there is much more still to come on this news hour from london including. i'm malcolm webb in the town of common in the democratic republic of congo where last month thirty nine refugees from burundi were shot by soldiers following a demonstration will be talking to the security forces and the surviving refugees
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about what happened. also had separated from their families and left homeless. war out there and meet some refugees at a deescalation zone in northern syria. the astros put on a thrilling performance in houston to force against seven in their championship series. hundreds of thousands of syrians are leaving their war damaged towns and cities for the relative safety of deescalation zones set up across the country the areas where recently agreed on by turkey which supports rebel fighters and iran and russia who backed the government are reporters and of course the only who has visited a deescalation zone in italy province and sends this report holiday and her two disabled sons arrived at the scamp specifically set up for children two
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weeks ago the boys were born paralyzed live was tough enough but khalidi and her boys lived in is so in hama they survived eisel and regular a year strikes. the camp is their sanctuary. nobody knows the future but god we ask permission life from him will have you. a wobble rama was set up by turkey and qatar to protect vulnerable children to provide a safer environment than refugee camps could offer. these children are victims of the five year long civil war in syria their fathers are dead and they have lost their homes they're trying to cling onto my three year waiting for things to change . the conflict has cost the syrians dear according to the u.n. six point five million syrians have been forced from their homes at this refugee
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metropole listen at on the border with turkey three camps are merged into one almost seven hundred thousand syrians living here most are from the war ravaged cities of hama and homs. hama better get is one of those displaced syrians who moved to us met five years ago she lost her leg during your regina airstrike. out of the city when i woke up i thought my legs were hot i could only think about my mom at that time rama's mother died in the attack along with other family members her father mohamed cerise a's thirteen children also died that day. at the u. brokered by russia turkey and iran has led to an end to the airstrikes mohammad also welcomes talk you cemented tarion aphids he's more of a wry of the recent arrival of turkish troops. i don't want we hold the are
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here for killing local leaders. these refugees battered by years of fighting years of struggling to survive still strive to achieve a sense of peace through trust will be hard to win however well intentioned the humanitarian efforts here seen em to al-jazeera northern syria. al-jazeera is demanding the release of its journalist mahmoud hussein who's now been in prison in egypt for more than three hundred days he's accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al jazeera strongly deny mode has repeatedly complained of mistreatment during his incarceration he was arrested in december of visiting his family. egyptian security sources say at least fifty five police officers have been killed and six more were wounded in an ambush by an armed group but egypt's government says only sixteen people died when the patrol was attacked the security forces are reported to have been raiding
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a hideout in the western desert the harir oasis when they came under fire from armed fighters the interior ministry says some of the fighters were killed in that shootout no group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack or with me now the studio as well i think most of our chairman of the british arab network thanks so much for coming into the studio and perhaps you could start off by telling us a little bit about this area the western desert area oasis yes thank you very much regular first of. condemned the killing of the egyptian conscripts or any egyptian and such circumstance just totally condemned my feelings with the families. the behavior is in eastern province between sue was. cairo roughly his flat area and i don't see it as it is easy to hide and it traces a lot of questions the killing of such
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a large number of people of fifty or fifty five people and such circumstance plus the fact that is sort of lax transparency is only one source about what happened there's no journalists no media allowed in and egypt as it is is a very closed military state and it does make it very difficult to clarify what happened what's behind it the parliament didn't see anything the media have not visited the place there's no really bloody know what's happening even the minister of interior hardly spoken about the what happened and some major. major. event in egypt have fifty young people killed like that and probably on as a fifty one hundred people been injured we know we don't know exactly what happened you know it's a very difficult has and it's
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a get information about this attack oust of egypt the area that it happened in is that an area where armed fighters might have a hideout you say would be very difficult to hideouts in that area is not not an area i've heard of before not an area i've heard of of having attacks in before but it is and you know as the land is flat. i get a culture and i will say it's reasonably stable. i'd be very difficult to mount an attack on that size and the hide and run away there's a lot of questions can be raised to why this large number of soldiers or conscripts was there what intelligence was there where is the military where is helicopters they haven't done anything to protect this people i hear it make me worried you keep happening and particularly happening before any major meeting with. western european leaders. what is the likely that i mean what group is likely to
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have carried out that attack or is it just too difficult to tell at this stage given the lack of information i mean no one's actually claimed responsibility for the attack do you have any thoughts on who might be responsible it's pretty difficult to tell. but certainly there's no information luff for us to be able to trace who could be behind it it certainly is too big a job for two three terrorists or criminals to do it's a big job and someone must have had inside information and i think what happened in egypt putting so many people in prison egypt is under a lot of tension inside the ablation they've got to be released and i think since you've got to really look. probably step aside because the country has been unstable for three years since he came to power and he we have to ask a question what's going to be next good to get your analysis on the situation in
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egypt right now i think mr joining us here in studio thank you thank you. officials in somalia say the number of people killed in last week's bomb attack in morgan dish it has risen to three hundred and fifty eight another two hundred twenty eight people were injured when a truck bomb exploded in a busy area of the somali capital it is the deadliest attack in the country's history fifty six people are still missing officials are accusing the group of being behind the attack but it has yet to confirm or deny any involvement refugees from burundi have told out as they are how their friends were killed by soldiers that a camp in the democratic republic of congo thirty nine people died and dozens were wounded during a protest there last month the congolese army and the refugees blame each other for what happened now where reports now from the town of common you are. esper also sherry minor says bullets broke the bones in her arm when soldiers shot dozens
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around her died they're buried in this graveyard she says she was among a crowd of other refugees from burundi protesting peacefully here last month who says she was lucky to survive. i can't remember everything because they feel unconscious when i was shot but i remember people throwing stones at house. and then soldiers started shooting. community refugees belongs to a unique catholic sects from burundi they fled conflict at home to come to the neighboring democratic republic of congo their religion doesn't allow them to eat processed un food or to biometrically register in the u.n. system so they are temporarily camped here outside a base of u.n. peacekeepers in the town of cameron yola. they say that day they wanted the release of four men from their community been arrested by congolese soldiers this camera phone video was taken as the crowd gathered and sang. when the
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shooting began the refugees came down the road from this direction they say they met soldiers about where the blue truck is they say the soldiers opened fire without any provocation you can see bullet holes in the wall here they say the machine gun fire went on for several minutes but the security forces tell a different story. captain informer kill him it was there he says the refugees overpowered him and other policeman stole a gun and used it to shoot him in the leg and attack the soldiers who then fired back in self defense one soldier was killed. i have never seen such people are not afraid of bullets one carried a bible and they all kept an advancing. refugees deny they took a gun or attacked but the un says in any case the army should not have used lethal force but the army told us they acted as any army would solve the new. threatening and throwing store north in the host country what country can't or if they were
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caned them but they didn't know what happened to have been nearly one hundred refugees were injured many are still recovering the government says an inquiry is underway. the refugees meet twice a day to pray in the camp they say they were attacked after officials stirred up hatred against them because of their own usual religious beliefs congolese or thought if you deny it the refugees say they were persecuted at home then persecuted here so there's nowhere they can be safe malcolm where al-jazeera in the democratic republic of congo the head of the world health organization says he's rethinking his appointment of zimbabwe's president robert mugabe as a goodwill ambassador after being heavily criticized for the decision the u.k. and the u.s. have opposed the appointment along with dozens of health groups and human rights activists they're demanding the decision be overturned because of alleged human rights violations committed in zimbabwe under mugabe's rule. annelise regional
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force is being set up in africa's a hell region aimed at tackling the threats from. the so hell is descending into all out violence. reports. a united nations delegation arrives in mali france in the un a backing a new regional security force members are here to get an update on when it will be operational. force because you know this is france presides over the u.n. security council in october so i have the honor to lead the study for a very important visit to support the efforts of the members who have established a central force against terrorist movements in the region. and. the multinational force made up of soldiers from mali mauritania bikini fast and chad all former french colonies soldiers are teaming up to fight armed groups linked to al qaeda.
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they've chosen mali as a right place to evaluate the security situation and develop plans for military collaboration i mean. you know the mali by the twenty people five years ago thought to create a new state called as allied with the uprising was hijacked by al-qaeda linked fighters who seized major towns in northern mali and established islamic law and. french troops drove them out to year later and they continue to do much attacks from desert hideouts and have spread into areas once considered safe five hundred schools in the north and central region are closed because of security threats that means out of the fifty thousand children are out of school so that's an important sign that the election is held hostage by the conflict and. the u.n. says so far the multinational forces only received a quarter of its annual five hundred million dollars budget analysts say even with the right amount of funding it may not succeed.
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expect. the. the french defense secretary says the regional food could fail if it doesn't receive more funding particularly from the united states but with president donald trump's administration under scrutiny after four u.s. soldiers were killed in an ambush. its purpose is elsewhere victoria gay to be out there i still had all this al-jazeera news traumatized malnourished and deprived of that childhood health crisis facing ranger child james. police in brazil bust a major pitiful ring more than a hundred people arrested. on assault after a terrible start to the season the boston celtics finally get lucky.
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hello there the weather across the middle east is all quite quiet at the moment we do have a little bit of cloud that is just drifting its way into the far northern parts of our map and i think we'll see some thick a cloud as we head through the day on sunday that's going to bring us some more significant rain but as it drifts its way towards the southeast it's really easing and so there's not a great deal left to it as we head into monday for the south a force here were to ron's getting to around twenty three degrees at the moment which is seventy three in fahrenheit now here in doha it's fairly blustery currently the wind should be easing on sunday and then the gradually swing round as we head into monday this time feeding in a bit more moisture so a little bit more humid on monday and as a result the temperatures not quite as high in the form over to say thirty six degrees but still feeling very sticky as we head down to was the southern parts of africa there's lots of cloud of rain with us at the moment see it all on the satellite picture stretching it straight down into the southeastern parts of south
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africa joe bags been catching quite a few have to showers a moral to have been drifting their way towards this area of cloud is just drifting its way southwards there as we had three sundays. it's still with us but it's just shifted a little bit working its way down here down into the east impulse south africa again could see one or two mo perhaps in jo'burg more likely in the cape town they should stay dry. she was a society hostess in beirut in the 1940's she was in touch with a lot of people from the lebanese the request to make this work or code name was a part and she spied for mossad in lebanon for. what she was doing it was something brave as it would make. a well douses story of shona cohen. the beirut spine at this time. one of the really special things about working for
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al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much and put in contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be for us as you know it's very challenging given the particular because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are the people who believe that tell the real story so i'll just mend it is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel in favor or against across the globe. again and reminder at the top stories here on the al-jazeera news hour thousands of
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pro independence demonstrators are on the streets of barcelona after spain's prime minister announced moves to impose direct rule over catalonia. fifteen military cadets have been killed in another suicide bombing in the afghan capital kabul the taliban says it carried out the attack. and hundreds of kurdish protesters have gathered outside the united nations office in erbil voicing their anger about the military operation by the iraqi army and shia militia. let's stay now with our top story on catalonia the spanish prime minister has said he wants to use special powers under article one five five to restore legality to the autonomy region following weeks of political deadlock over a referendum on independence there so what exactly is article one five five and how will the government use it what it is in fact just two short paragraphs within the nine hundred seventy eight constitution of spain it's allows madrid to use all
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measures necessary to prevent thomas region from breaking the law it has never been applied before but he says his cabinet is pushing for the suspension of catalans regional government which means its leader. could be removed but it could also take control of catalonia sixteen thousand strong police force the more sauce death squad. the prime minister said he also wants to use article one five five to call an election in catalonia within six months. well joining me now is. euro zone economist at oxford economics thanks so much for being with us on the program things pretty uncertain for the catalans right now as predictable the presidents do you just speak in the next hour or so what exactly is going to say to its people i mean i think at this point is anyone's guess i thing we could see is that now the spanish government has finally went ahead with one five five we might actually see even the qatari government trying to push for
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a not for vote of independence before they are removed from power i mean this is a bit of a guess but i think now the positions have been so entrenched in their in their own both sides that you know there's no real easy way out of this that would please obviously the thousands of protesters who've been out on the streets the ones who want independence for catalonia but it would be largely symbolic wouldn't it declaring independence when you know that the national governments about to basically take over you have any once again it is it will be symbolic if it happens will be symbolic it still be a non affective i mean the situation hasn't really changed in that sense catalonia cannot enforce a unilaterally declare independence and now even less now that the government is about to likely remove the catalan woman from power really it goes for the senate it looks like me the senate will approve the triggering of article one five five but then it's a little bit hazy isn't it's all a bit unclear what would happen next certainly it looks like the national government will effectively take over the running of most of catalonia but what
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about the idea of elections being called because. under the constitution it could be six months before elections according catalonia yes so the senate would pass this law because the popular party has a majority there so that's basically already a given but you're right this this article has never been used before the war thing is very vague and that means that it's not yet clear hold far does the government go with this i mean the idea is that they want to do as little as possible in terms of intervention just to keep the basic functions of government. until they can actually call for regional elections which is i think the ultimate goal in order to at least buy some time and see what happens there if they do send in the national police again in catalonia how provocative would that be for those catalans who are so pro independence must make clear of course not all catalans want to break away from spain many do not they want to stay part of spain but that would be seen as an act of provocation wouldn't sending in the police well i think after what happened in october the first yes and the most radical parts of the brain the pen this
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movement they've been very effective mobilizing people are getting people in the streets so what i think is going to happen now in the short term is again more demonstrations social unrest so they're going to play that part because they are very good at that and they know it's probably their biggest card to try to get international attention and so on. if elections are cool this is a tool clear how the people of catalonia would vote which direction the votes would go and now it's not clear i think the elections as i mentioned i think will be a short term solution in terms of winning time but it doesn't really it's not a game changer because according to polls the split between those for independence and against the parents still really really there a new election probably would not yield a parliament that it's substantially different from the current one so i think it would be a bit of six months from now we have to see again where are we and you know who isn't charge and what kind of positions we take well if similar politicians are returns to the parliament in catalonia does not mean work style might again work
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deadlock that nothing is actually me from the situation we now i find ourselves in indeed i think that's that's why i tried to explain that a new election is not a game changer but maybe if you have new political actors in place and maybe there is a period of the escalation maybe there is a chance for the start of a negotiation i am personally quite a skeptical that in the short term this will happen so i don't think anyone should expect that there is an easy way out of this but perhaps this is basically now i think the only solution that we can find certainly is a complex and uncertain time for the people of catalonia appreciate it thanks for coming in thank you. china is refusing to condemn its crackdown on the rich which the u.n. has called textbook ethnic cleansing the u.n. says five hundred eighty nine thousand. from him are to bangladesh in the past eight weeks they accused me of rape torture and. china which is
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a long time ally of me and all says it supports the country's efforts to safeguard peace situation can be resolved without outside help. now from bahloo cully. desperate living condition water borne disease malnutrition threatening over three hundred twenty thousand children according to unicef among the nearly arrived refugees six that person are children a staggering number u.n. report also sayd that a place over fourteen thousand children a risk of dying due to severe malnutrition now mobile clinics like run by unicef care and shared bangladesh up and sprout up in several of the camps they are here to treat people with children suffering from major malnutrition or acute malnutrition so far at least over fifteen hundred children are in this program that
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been given specially nutritional food to. take care of their nutritional problem despite all the effort by aid agency led by bank of those governments lot of the essential needs of the children are still not been met you can see among the children the sadness and the quietness among them the not only traumatized that deprived of their childhood in the long run by members government and aid agency needs to address the issue of education health and security a daunting challenge indeed by any definition. a rightwing billionaire businessman who's been called the czech donald trump looks set to become the czech republic's new prime minister on very bad bitches that you're a scripted and opacity has won about thirty percent of votes in saturday's parliamentary election he's been critical of the e.u. in the past and is against the czech republic joining the euro zone but he now says he wants to take an active role in shaping the e.u.'s policies. police in brazil
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have arrested more than one hundred people thought to be connected to a major pita ring investigators found more than one hundred fifty thousand files containing disturbing images on computers and mobile phones around the horn has more detail. one after another police lead away the suspects these are some of the more than a hundred people now in custody and what brazilian police say is their biggest operation yet targeting paedophiles reportedly among them a retired policeman civil servants people running football clubs for youngsters they're not just accused of sharing pornographic material of children over the internet some face charges of producing it to. pedophiles use different methods including storing illegal criminal photos in the computer of someone in another part of the country or in the world and often the
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person who is storing the content is unaware the operation ran over six months drew and eleven hundred police officers and extended to every state in the country brazilian investigators also worked with u.s. authorities they say they found around one hundred fifty thousand files containing disturbing images some of the suspects were described as using sophisticated techniques to evade detection but justice officials say others were simply caught with the images on their computers and mobile phones. al jazeera at least three construction workers have been killed in a landslide at a building site in malaysia firefighters say it happened while work was being carried out onto tower blocks north of penang's capital georgetown emergency teams are searching for eleven workers believed to be trapped in the rubble the government says there will be an inquiry into the accident to find out what happened. the final dress rehearsal has been health of the state funeral of
9:44 pm
thailand's late king who passed away more than a year ago the centuries old ceremonies expected to be attended by at least a quarter of a million mourners dressed in black will be held in bangkok last several hours can come upon will then be cremated. one of the world's biggest carmaker has is temporarily shutting its plants in detroit the closure will affect fifteen hundred workers who put together four different models at the site production will be reduced when the plant we opens children reports. a slowdown in motown has general motors cutting back. auto sales in the u.s. have dropped nearly ten percent so far this year but it g.m. the fall is nearly double that this plant makes cars buicks cadillacs and chevy volt hybrid but it's s.u.v.s that are selling now so the detroit him tremont
9:45 pm
assembly plant has gone from two shifts to one this month it's slowing down production. very quickly don't use of similes and do and they want downtime too to deal with excess and retore so the quicker riyadh gets to. play with them one on nov twentieth this plant will shut down entirely until january while demand catches up with production when production restarts it will do so with two hundred fewer of its eighteen hundred workers alternative fuels may be the way of the future volvo is going all electric or hybrid by twenty nine teams and america is slowly working its way in that direction but americans love their big cars and they have cheap gas and as america goes so goes detroit. this was once one of the busiest plants in the u.s. but automakers have moved their plants from the detroit area across the u.s. in the world. as cars have morphed into what are effectively rolling computers
9:46 pm
manufacturing is required fewer but more tech savvy workers with the demands that they're going to have for the. technical expertise i think the manufacturing is going to be more concentrated in the u.s. . simply because that's where the talent is i mean you need to to produce the kinds of technology that they're working on now you have to have a very highly educated workforce. that workforce is set to bear the brunt of the cutbacks as g.m. and other automakers deal with an ever changing market that will see thousands of jobs being lost john hendren al-jazeera detroit. a so has all this news out. i'm andrew thomas in sydney all right great system a recent survey suggests as many as one in four people here oh that's despite this country being on paper one of the most multicultural in the world. and it was
9:47 pm
a somewhat stressful day for the chelsea boss on day one explain why in sports. history is so often told through the eyes of leaders but in amritsar india just thirty kilometers from the border with pakistan this old building is being transformed into a new museum mallika ahluwalia is the driving force behind amritsar as partition museum it's really shocking because if you think about the fact that within a few years of nine eleven happening and nine eleven museum was there and they are now numerous holocaust museums it's not beautiful of new zealand so countries around the world have walked to memorialize these events that have shaped them by dition is not about the political events that led up to partition it's about the
9:48 pm
impact on each person who went through it it's really important that we highlight the stories of humanity hopefully one outcome on this would be that we remember our shared humanity and the shared history. hourigan protestors in australia have been demanding the legalization of same sex marriage a week before a postal vote on the issue is due to close the largest gathering was in sydney where thousands marched through the city calling for equal rights for most eleven million people have already posted their ballots has around sixty eight percent of
9:49 pm
the total sent out the result is expected in november a government funded group says it's campaigning to make australians less racist latest figures show a quarter of the country's population is intolerant towards other cultures and ethnicities under thomas reports from sydney. in one commercial a white man holds open the lift door for a white woman but lets the door close on a black one a white woman steps out discussed it in another taxi driver tries to pick up a white passenger before an aboriginal's one who's been waiting longer a white passenger refuses to jump the queue but does australia one of the world's most multicultural countries really need like these more than other places organizers call this the believe in bendigo picnic an annual day of inclusive in the country town when my kids were growing up in melbourne to the big market to say
9:50 pm
people of any other ethnic origin you know because they just weren't those kind of people and so now that's changing and more people are coming to live here but the main idea is to hold an event which contrasts with another held in bendigo in late twenty fifty hundreds protesting against plans to build a mosque the ugly images tapped into a perception that australia is and australians are racist australia certainly has a racist he story with a colonial past and an explicit white australia policy on immigration until the early one nine hundred seventy s. . today videos like the easy to find online. research is recently surveyed more than ten thousand people in australia they concluded that about a quarter also questions in a way that showed them to be intolerant of other cultures and ethnicities the same survey asked people if they'd experienced discrimination in the last year thirty
9:51 pm
nine percent of people originally from china and india said they had sixty nine percent of people from c. done and fifty nine percent of indigenous australians in australia at the moment we don't even really want to acknowledge that racism exists institutionally. implicitly and explicitly. but australian society is diverse and is getting more so net migration adds one percent to the population each year one of the highest rates in the world twenty eight percent of australians were born in other countries with the biggest numbers recently coming from india and china surveys suggest about eighty five percent of australians think multiculturalism has been good for the country and the prime minister regularly calls australia the most successful multicultural society in the world some boats say that is a claim too far if you kind of crow about being the most successful it can kind of paper over the fact that there are problems as well bendigo the mosque is going
9:52 pm
ahead it's difficult start to potentially positive opened up a conversation and that's something that was probably missing in bendigo for them nationally to an increasing conversation about racism could have a beneficial effect andrew thomas al-jazeera sydney ok time for all the sports days with andy. thank you felicity will manchester united's unbeaten start to the premier league season is over joey's a marine man losing to a once a huddersfield their first one i've united since nineteen fifty two well after conceding just two goals in the league all season huddersfield scored twice in the first half to set up this famous when i was further back in the english top flight for the first time in forty five years united now five points behind league leaders man city who beat burnley three now oh sure it is appointed and defy was.
9:53 pm
a manchester united's supporter not the manager but but the traditional supporter i would be really disappointed because i think you can play and lose football matches because the opponents heads more quality than you you cannot lose football matches because the opponent had. a better attitude than you defending champions chelsea came from two one down to eventually be watford so ended a run of three games without a win for chelsea the victory moving them up to fall in the table and maybe voted for a big commitment to vote. for both of them appears about if. if we us. the last the results were i'm i'm not to be god's love to do defeats it won't do i think know what goods are going to be a confirmation here of cities three will win over burnley and they remain unbeaten
9:54 pm
for the season leicester city moving out of the relegation zone thanks to a c one win at swansea city. and mali and england of made it through to the semifinals of the under seventeen world cup being held in india mali beat african rivals ghana to one while i had tricked from liverpool to help anyone to a four one win over the us was the first time india has hosted a fee for events and while the house went out in the group stages it's been a huge hit with the home fans already more than a million supporters have attended games in the event is set to break that solomon record of one point two million fans that was set in china in one thousand nine hundred five there are signs of improvement in the indian senior national team earlier this month to qualify for the twenty nine teenager cup it will be just there for the parents of asian football's biggest competition they are the ranked one hundred five in the world that is though their high spots in more than two decades in twenty fourteen they hit a low point of one hundred and seventy one well earlier on we spoke to vishnu presario sports writer at the new indian express he believes there's
9:55 pm
a lot smee done if india is to become a footballing power. i didn't believe feel negative headlines about the tournament unlike the last time we hosted a major international event which was the commonwealth games in two thousand and eleven and the minute a few minor glitches but that's about it today at the press conference the seal corps scored a perfect one of them so it can happen that that this event has definitely generated a lot of hype and a lot of people have been paying attention before bought but what matters is what happens after this event is over that this type can be maintained but at this moment i'm there has been generated or that there can be maintained over the next one maybe the government of the media all the spectators so a league football in india starts. one a month after the tournament and so we have to see of all these people who are coming in now coming and coming from that of india participated in the event and they came up pretty much at the bottom so it's showing us that that is
9:56 pm
a long way to go that we have to do a lot of things the most important of which is getting kids to play football event six or seven getting kids watching kids at that date instead of book watching it's been there were thirteen but we've been doing now if you look at how this indian team is been kind to they were given some of the best fortune in the world when they were thirteen or fourteen they were taken all around the world to play expulsion games but this world cup has shown us that that is not enough to be able to start a lot on the up as one of very prominent grass roots but also sports once said it's like teaching a kid who does not have a grounding in basic mathematics at once mathematics or it's you can't build on that because there's been a little bit off we've got a lot of people here in india so football really does not need to compete against cricket it's a competition the football is not going to win for
9:57 pm
a long long time but. football can develop without you know competing directly. you know there's one for that matter if you look at those. which i've never really competed against cricket but we've still got two olympic medals and. it's definitely going strong. have hope for both chances of development in india the houston astros beat the new york yankees to force a game seven in their championship playoff series justin verlander once again start the night for the astros pitching seventh scoreless innings in houston. as a all surveys harm run and three r.b.i.'s are also how we are strays to the seven when the series now tied at three apiece the winner of the american league champs it's hard to go face the l.a. dodgers in the world series the decider coming up later on saturday. influenced. and in the n.b.a. the boston celtics clinched their first win of the season after losing their
9:58 pm
opening couple of games the celtics were looking to turn things around against the philadelphia seventy six is. start of the night for boston with twenty one points over the out of fifteen more the celtics winning one zero two seven ninety eight. that is i suppose looking for now let's get back to felicity in london. thanks so much david it's just about it for me. on the news crew here in london so far away in a cloud we'll have more the day's news for you in a couple of minutes thanks for watching.
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news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is a simplistic you have the frank good logical rational crazy wants and misinformation is rife dismissal and denial of well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera. in a country beset by poverty and lack of infrastructure. sometimes we risk our own lives in taking these votes let's gather saving lives is a dangerous job it's a vaccine so it's on a good twenty four hours there are patients waiting for his mothers who must be in a life start threads. a week ago one of the gang stops some vehicles on the road at that can do it with weapons risking it all guinea at this time on al-jazeera.
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for years japanese have gone into countries lush force for what they call. good or force baby thirteen years ago dr jim lee was one of the first to conduct research on forest bathing he concluded that the essential oils the trees produce to protect themselves from germs and bugs can boost the human immune system like a lot of find a side door essential oil is found in the forests my research has shown that far as trying to size reduces stress hormones and relaxes us in the future the time may come when doctors prescribe the forest and the state of medicine.


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